This week brings us a few new techno-food finds:

First, there's FoodCandy, touted as "Friendster for Foodies." It is a recently-launched, multi-functional site that brings together message boards, RSS feeds, restaurant reviews, a food events calendar, and a social networking component. According to dB, the site's founder:

FoodCandy is for foodies, but it places you in the center of attention. And it's only about food unlike other social networking sites that will also talk about cars and garage bands. It is, of course, forums, stories, an aggregator for everything food, but it has a strong social aspect to it where you can click through foodies and food endlessly, find what you look for and maybe even make new friends.

We haven't been able to spend much time on it yet (it's still in beta, which may be why it's not getting along with our browser 100% at the moment), but if you see us, please link feel free to add us as a friend!

Next, Mobo lets you place food delivery orders using text messaging from your cell phone. An excellent idea in theory, although as of now, the selection of "restaurants" is incredibly limited. If they expand their network, we would certainly give Mobo a whirl.

Know of any other new food sites or services? Let us know!