Let's not think about how George Bailey-level depressing it would be to spend Christmas at Webster Hall, and instead focus on what is happening inside the venue on December 25th. Hot 97 has just announced that they'll be collaborating with Nicki Minaj for a Christmas Extravaganza, which will feature music form Funkmaster Flex and DJ Spynfo, "while the Young Money Princess herself hosts." But isn't that station feuding with the pink hair popstress?

Earlier this year the station's DJ Peter Rosenberg suggested that Minaj's new single "Starships" was not "real hip hop," which snowballed into a huge beef between the station and the performer. Funkmaster Flex then swore to take down her career, saying, "We ain't fuckin' with commercial rappers no more. If you lost the fuckin' street, it's your fault! If you don't go gold, it's your fault! I'm dedicated to tearing you down! Fuck with me! We gon show you, mama, you think you didn't sell records this time?" Minaj immediately pulled out of their Summer Jam concert, and all has been quiet since.

So what happened? We asked Rosenberg this morning, and he told us:

"I had nothing to do with this concert personally and I doubt that she would want it to have much to do with me personally, but it is definitely a dead issue on my end. Not even to be polite or political—I sincerely like Nicki's rapping a lot. She has only had a few songs that I disliked and one of them happened to be the one that caused all of this. But The station still supports her and always will...I really hope we get to talk one day and have a laugh about the whole thing. It is not that serious in the grand scheme of things! We both just love hip hop in our own ways."

Heartwarming! If you want to take part in this little Miracle on 11th Street next week, you can head buy $25 tickets here (and for VIP Table Reservations and Party Packages, call 917-302-0847).