The 2012 New York International Auto Show features hundreds of cars to appeal to all sorts of drivers, but, still, there are many that are just totally wild. Like Terrafugia's flying car—you'd have a hell of a time finding a parking garage to take that puppy! And the Delorean—are you really going to buy it without a flux capacitor?

There are quite a few classic cars on display, like the $25 million original Shelby, as well as some obstacle courses (okay, the electric vehicle course isn't really an obstacle course, but it is a way for people to try out electric cars, while the Jeep course outside the front of the Javits Center allows people to experience Jeeps at steep inclines and angles) and a Ford simulator. We even saw a bicycle—Prius' Parlee bicycle that will read your mind and shift gears!

The NY International Auto Show runs through April 15 at the Jacob Javits Center; tickets are $15 for adults.