2006_02_35dboys.jpgThere are only six designers left on Project Runway, and their task was a doozy: Designing a dress for a garden party from plants and flowers in the Flower District. Well, the dresses weren't ENTIRELY made out of flowers - they used muslin and mesh as bases to attach flowers and leaves to, but you get the idea. While the challenge was interesting, it actually made for pretty boring TV in Gothamist's book. This episode was far better for the awesome social interaction between the remaining designers. For instance, the boys of 35D went to take pictures on the roof of the Atlas. Chloe teased Daniel about being so good at everything (he said he wasn't good at basketball). Chloe asked the guys when they came out and Daniel admitted he only came out last year. And Santino got busted for his Tim Gunn impersonation. You know, Santino truly is a mad genius - the story about Tim Gunn and Andrae going on a date at the Red Lobster is so twisted, it's brilliant.

Most of the designers used plant leaves for their dresses, as they were concerned with materials that would hold up after a day and a half, which disappointed the judges. [More, including spoilage, after the jump...]

As always, Tim's blog is a treat to read - we thought the judges were being pains when they kept bringing up how the contestants didn't use flowers, and it turns out, Tim was annoyed too! Check out this: 2006_02_karadress.jpg

For those viewers and readers who speculate that our judges are privy to the designers’ activities prior to the runway judging and/or that I interact with the judges and provide background information for their decision making, let me put all of that to rest. If that were the case, then the judges would have known why the designers didn’t use more flowers. "Where are the flowers?" was our judges’ mantra. I wanted to call out from my folding chair in the back recesses of the room, "You can’t expect the Tournament of Roses for $100!" Shut up, Tim.
So cute. This episode, all the dresses were actually quite nice, if nothing we'd want to wear. And Gothamist almost takes back everything bad we said about Kara, because she actually designed the most beautiful dress (pictured)and was very nice to Chloe - she helped finish Chloe's dress for a spell in the name of girl power.

Daniel's dress was very elegant, and we loved the basketweave, but the fern skirt was boring. Santino's dress had the most color, but we do think it was overshellacked- no matter how much Heidi loved the shininess. Chloe's dress was elegant - as usual - but also boring. We loved the idea behind Andrae's topiary dress, but it did look awkward on the model. We didn't like Nick's dress that much, but we did like the use of the big leaves. The guest judges this episode were Badgley and Mischka, and they loved Kara's and Daniel's dresses. The judges, in the end, awarded Daniel for using fresh flowers to great effect and knocking out Andrae for making a "door mat" of a dress. Nick was second to last on the runway, and we really thought it could go either way.

Anyway, this challenge's win gave Daniel immunity for next week, which means he automatically makes it to the final four. What's interesting is that Daniel only graduated design school three years ago, and yet he's making such strides in this competition with elegant and wearable clothes. With Andrae out, we're thinking Daniel and Chloe will make it...and if Kara does well next week, she could sneak in. What do you think will happen?