trumppalace.jpgAccording to this article, some big NYC real estate developers are misnumbering their floors in an effort to increase the marketability of their buildings. Basically, they've been numbering by height, rather than actual floors, so if a building is 800 feet, and the average NYC floor is 8 feet, they can claim the building has 100 floors, even though it can actually have less - 70 floors or a decadently high-ceilinged 7 floors.

Mr. Trump is not bashful about his innovation. "A lot of people have copied me," he boasted. He said he was showing restraint when he divided Trump World's height by 10 feet rather than, say, 9 feet. "I could have gone higher than 90 stories," he said, using the term "higher" numerically rather than altitudinally. "I chose 90 because I thought it was a good number."

Final thoughts: 1) if you can't trust the Donald in a business deal, who can you trust? Is there no honest man left in this city? 2) My apartment building avoids this controversy by only having six floors, which are counted 1-6 in the American fashion. How many floors does your building have?

[Jen]: Floor envy and bragging rights are what fueled the drive to make the tallest buildings in the world in Asia.