Flirts; Photo - Getty ImagesAs part of their guide to throwing house parties (Why house parties? For one, you can smoke there.), the Post talks with Tracey Cox, author of Superflirt (out in November), for tips on how to lure the opposite sex at a private party, which she says is better, since both parties are "trapped." Part Rules, part good common sense, and a lot of funny, here are some suggestions from Cox:

Really, if you are looking for a relationship, do not have sex on the first date. At the end of the night, the best strategy - if you really like him - is to give him a kiss on the lips for three or four seconds, pull back, look him in the eye and say, 'I'll see you soon,' before disappearing into the night. Just make sure you've traded phone numbers first.
Women are more likely to respond if a guy approaches her from the front, but a girl is better off approaching a man from the side.
The average increase in the protrusion of the buttocks wearing heels is 25 percent. This, remember, is a good thing.

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