While the September 11 movie Flight 93 may be opening the Tribeca Film Festival in just a matter of weeks, the film's trailer has been playing. And some viewers are not exactly ready - the Lincoln Square Loews actually pulled the trailer and some NYC moviegoers covered their eyes when it came on. The trailer is effectively chilling, reminding us of how it was just a beautiful September day that turned into scary chaos. Director Paul Greengrass secured the approval from all of Flight 93 victims' families to make the film, and Universal, the studio that produced the film, says it's "not shocked to hear that some people find it uncomfortable."

The movie will open on April 28 - it'll be interesting to see how the film does in the NYC metro area. And Gothamist remembers the film, 11'09"01, a collection of short films (each 11 minutes, 9 seconds and 1 frame) from 11 different international directors, which was shown at the NY Film Festival in 2002; one of the most powerful - and most discomfort-inducing - shorts was the one directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, who used audio tapes from the day and brief shots of bodies falling from the towers. While it sounds (and is) rather stark, it makes sense in the global context of the project. Have you seen it? You can buy 11'09"01 on Amazon.