Back in the 1960s, photographer Bill Eppridge documented the new fad: skateboarding. This was for LIFE magazine's cover story, for their May 14th, 1965 issue—the text on the cover read "The craze and the menace of skateboards," and featured a photo of Pat McGee, the national girl's skateboarding champ of the time.

According to the internet, skateboarding was born sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s, with the first manufactured skateboards ordered by a Los Angeles surf shop. But the popularity of skateboarding didn't happen until the 1960s, a decade which even saw the birth of Skateboarder Magazine.

Now's a good time to revisit what it looks like to be a skateboard in the city these days, and here's more on the skateboarding scene here:

It's not as easy to ride these boards these days—so check out NYC skating laws before you hit the pavement, you hooligans. [via Retronaut]