The Ramones may have never been Morrissey's cup of tea, but you know who really appreciated the lyrics of "Teenage Lobotomy?" Regis Philbin. The Ramones appeared on the Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee show in 1988 (Kathie Lee's first year!)—be warned that the video below may cause some serious cognitive-dissonance.

A "very jolly" Dee Dee gets the short end of the stick during the interview, with both hosts gently poking at him. But he holds his own when asked how the band member's wives and girlfriends have handled groupies on the road: "My wife will punch them in the nose." For more Ramones fun, watch the excellent 2003 documentary End Of The Century, and listen to three jingles they wrote for Steel Reserve.

[h/t EV Grieve]