This week TIME presented their Top 10 Zoo Escapes list (the Bronx Zoo cobra only came in at #6!), and it turns out this isn't the first time New York has lost an animal. Unsurprising, really. They recall the rhesus monkeys that escaped on Long Island decades upon decades ago, saying:

When an employee of Frank Buck's Jungle Camp Animal Park near Amityville, on New York's Long Island, accidentally left a plank across an exhibit moat, Capone the rhesus monkey led 172 of his cohorts out of the park and into the woods. Crossing a set of the Long Island Rail Road's tracks, the small monkeys chased away a set of train workers and stopped the progress of a locomotive for at least 5 minutes. Money and season passes were offered to anyone fleet enough to catch the swift simians and return them to the park.

This was back in October of 1935, and at the time the NY Times reported that police were expecting a flood of calls from humans waking up to monkeys in their houses! Since they were reportedly harmless, we might put them in our list of animals pre-approved for a zoo escape.