The wall in Gowanus that some believe is part of the original Dodgers stadium (aka Washington Park stadium) is now being investigated by the city to determine whether or not it should be landmarked. According to the NY Post, the Landmark Preservation Commission said it will review the 20-foot wall, which stands at 3rd Avenue between 1st and 3rd Streets.

There is reportedly no evidence that the wall was up when the Dodgers actually took the field there — it's believed to be constructed the year they departed, 1912. Regardless, if it isn't protected by the LPC, the current owners, good ol' Con Ed, said they will protect it and it will not be demolished during their current reconstruction of the area... well, at least not all of it. A spokeswoman said, "We will preserve a portion of the wall because we know it has significant historical value to the public and baseball historians."

Learn more about the history of the wall here — sort of a sight for sore eyes to see the Great American Pastime in a pre-Citi Field era.