McCarren Park Pool in 1937, one year after opening.

It warmed up today (finally!) and while it's not quite time to take a dip outdoors, let's take a look back at McCarren Park Pool as we await its reopening (in the Spring of 2012, if we're to believe current scheduling plans). The pool first opened in 1936, amidst the Great Depression, and was one of ten pools in the city to be opened by Robert Moses and Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia under the WPA (Works Progress Administration) Program. They were meant to provide recreation and an escape from the economy at the time, but also to generate employment.

The pool was eventually closed in 1984 after the facility suffered from vandalism and became a drug haven (revisit those vintage Bad Old Days in the video below).

Later JellyNYC brought the pool back to life as a concert venue, and soon after they were ousted as the city decided to renovate it (the PlaNYC project overview can be found here). Do you think it will get a 1937-sized crowd upon reopening?