The latest Scouting NY post, where he comes upon a privately owned mansion in Vinegar Hill that used to be part of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, is simply drool-worthy and envy-inducing. The home has received press here and there throughout the years, but as the Scout points out, "the fact that I was unaware of it means there’s gotta be one or two readers out there who will be as taken aback by it as I was."

Located at Evans and Little Street in Brooklyn, just past they mysterious Harrison Alley, the home was built in 1805. According to Forgotten-NY it was designed by Boston's Charles Bulfinch, who also designed the U.S. Capitol Building as well as Faneuil Hall in Boston. It was the residence of Matthew Perry when he was commanding officer of the shipyard in the 1840s. Since 1964 it's been privately owned, and while the Scout says the owner is unknown, we hear a doctor has lived there for around 30 years.

Three stories high, balconies, a sprawling lawn, vintage automobiles, views of the East River... sigh. Read more at the NY Times, which profiled the home in 2006... but didn't get to see the inside either.