Saturday Night Live returns tonight for its 38th season, with host Seth MacFarlane and musical guest Frank Ocean. After a star-studded and weepy end to last season, several longtime players have left the show, a few new ones have been added, and we're headed into a national election—it's going to be all about the political sketches for the next few weeks. Here are our top five things to watch out for:

1. Kristin Wiig and Andy Samberg are gone (as well as Abby Elliott), but there are three new cast members to (potentially) fill their shoes: Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant and Tim Robinson. Check out this Second City video featuring Strong:

2. But while Gilly and Shy Ronnie might be gone forever, we've still got Jason Sudeikis, who will stick around to bless us with his Romney and Biden impressions at least through January.

3. Jay Pharaoh will be replacing Fred Armisen as President Obama (Obama as Denzel Washington, anyone?). Sudeikis'll be doing double duty as Romney and Biden, and there are rumors that the adorable Taran Killam will play Paul Ryan. And this election season has already provided plenty of SNL skit fodder—Lorne Michaels has promised at least three different takes on Clint Eastwood, who will be played by Bill Hader. No word yet on who will play the chair.

4. Tonight will be a first for host MacFarlane, but considering he's had a lot of experience with dog masturbation humor as the creator of Family Guy and this summer's Ted, we're expecting him to bring his A game. At the very least, we can be very certain that he'll have a very impressive and not-at-all douchey spray-on tan.

5. Frank Ocean may or may not (literally) light the SNL stage on fire like he did at the VMAs, but he'll certainly be bringing a strange prop with him. He tweeted earlier this week that he's bringing "the bro John Mayer," though since Mayer can't sing anymore, we have to wonder what he'll be doing. Strumming a guitar, wearing a bowler hat and trying to hook up with Vanessa Bayer? It's anyone's guess. Proverbial curtains away!