We love the smell of the real grass, the spectacular view, and the idea of escaping to an island for a few hours, but if there is a common complaint for events at Governors Island it's waiting for the ferry. Granted, the lines and the crowding give us the historical flavor of another nearby island, and queuing up is just part of living in a massive city. Still: couldn't something be done? With tons of events yet to come on Governors Island this summer, here are a few ways that would make getting to them much easier. If implemented, we promise to never, ever complain again.

Gondolas: Santiago Calatrava designed the pricey new WTC transit hub, but he also made a model for an aerial gondola system between lower Manhattan and Governors Island. While it wouldn't get a whole lot of people there in a hurry, it would immediately draw the romantic, rich couples away from the ferry, giving those in steerage much-needed breathing room. Also, it'd be a great opportunity for Sylvester Stallone to film a stunt for Nighthawks II.

Deli-system: What if every ticket you bought to a large-scale event at Governors Island had a number on it, and that number designated which 30 minute window you should show up to catch the ferry? We haven't thought through the logistics completely, but it seems that it would at least keep lines manageable and give organizers breathing room to prepare for the masses. Actually, scratch this one. If the subway isn't on time why would the ferries (or the passengers) be?

Camping: True, this wouldn't supplant the ferry, but it might ease congestion on it. That, and who doesn't like camping (besides Calvin)?

Build a Bridge: While this may seem like the least attractive of the options, it's a very "Oh yeah water? Fuck you," New York solution. We got a channel here? We need people there? Boom. Pedestrian Bridge. No problem.

Dolphins: Since the dawn of time, man has harnessed the power of dolphins and porpoises to do his bidding, and this would really be no different. If you think helicopter tours are lucrative, imagine what dolphin tours of the East and Hudson Rivers would rake in. We'd also be willing to tip a dolphin extra if they dropped us off closer to our apartment in case we'd had too much fun on the island. However, the dolphins are unionized, and someone would probably try to have sex with them.