A firefighter looks at Suspending Memory; Photo from AP

The unveiling of the eight finalists for the WTC Memorial was met with a range of reactions, from inspired and pleased to underwhelmed and disappointed. The NY Times has had excellent coverage of the competition and they have a special section on the Memorial. Times architecture critic Herbert Muschamp gives his assessment both in print and in an audio slide slow: Muschamp credits the WTC memorial competition staff for running the competition well and the jurors for not only insulating themselves from the heated politics, but also for choosing young designers. However, he feels the designs are "overproduced," but there is potential in a few designs, it would be better to err on the side of simplicity. He suggests that we're still too close to September 11 to really digest what a memorial should be like. His favorites, though both are busy, are Suspending Memory and Reflecting Absence, which both use water but in inverted ways.

greg.org does a Google search on the 8 finalists for the competition in his WTC memorial discussion.

WTC developer Larry Silverstein with Nina and WTC redesign architect Daniel Liebskind; Photo from AP