The Hulk Pensive; Photo - Universal

Ang Lee's Hulk is something of a magnificent disaster, visually mesmerizing, intellectually ambitious, but ultimately unsatisfying. It was too much all around - too layered, too long, too unsure if it was a cartoon or a comedy of manners. And it left Gothamist pondering some unanswered questions:

1. How does Hulk get bigger? Let's face it, Bruce Banner is only 150 pounds - where does all the extra weight come from? Gothamist thinks the Hulk might have a secret binge-eating problem.
2. Why, when they are trying to keep Bruce calm, do they bring over his dad for a little one-on-one? That seems like an obviously bad idea. Jesus- if you want to see Gothamist hulk-out, sit us down with our parents for a little one-on-one.
3. Why was this movie more than two hours long? Maybe Captain America deserves two hours - but the Hulk? It's 90 minutes max.
4. Why does the Hulk look so fake? Was all of the budget on rehab for Nick Nolte?
5. Why didn't the military let the Hulk calm down? It seemed like the Hulk wanted some down time, reflect a little, in the desert. Of course he's going to continue his rampage when his reveries are broken up by army helicoptors trying to kill him!
6. What material are the Hulk's pants made of? There is clearly some industrial grade Lycra material in them, so it can fit the Hulk. But when he turns back into Bruce Banner, the pants still hang on his hips, though baggy. Didn't filmmakers realize that moviegoers would laugh/scoff at this? Or was this an intentional wink at keeping a PG-13 rating - keeping audiences away from Eric Bana ass?

Gothamist was left feeling very confused.

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