Thousands of New Yorkers flocked to the West Village last night for the 38th Annual Village Halloween Parade, and plenty more who weren't at the parade still hit the streets in costume. Outfits ranged from traditionally scary zombies and skeletons to the outright slutty (we spotted someone who managed to go as a sexy fortune cookie).There were your topical costumes too, Chilean miners and Snooki were both pretty popular, but we're fans of the NYC-centric costumes. Check out the rat and the 1 train!

No matter what revelers were dressed as, the spirit of the parade remained welcoming and tolerant. Parade goer Jalal Bailey noted to amNY that almost every other parade in the city is dedicated to a particular ethnic, religious or interest group, while Halloween is "freedom." If you have any photos from last night, send them to us at photos[at]gothamist[dot]com, or tag them "gothamist" on Flickr.