"A life of indulgence, inside and out." That's how the new Beekman residences are being branded on the one-sheets that get handed to prospective buyers. This is sort of fitting for a building with a dramatic interior that looks like it was designed by Baz Luhrmann.

The historic building—which dates back to 1880, and for the past 15 years has mostly sat abandoned—doesn't actually house the condos, however. It houses the 287 hotel rooms, two restaurants, and a bar. The 67 residences are in the shiny new tower attached to it, which explains their lack of historic charm. Today photographer Scott Heins dropped by for a look, and found some pretty basic cookie cutters starting at around $1.475 million. (On the higher end: one penthouse has already sold for around $12 million, and one remains.) In this image, the residential tower is to the left:

(Courtesy of the Beekman)

Luxury real estate in NYC is now an amenities game, but they're pretty no frills here when compared to private IMAX theaters and recording studios. You'll get a fitness center, a valet, concierge service, housekeeping, access to in-residence meals from the restaurants as well as a private dining room with a chef's table, a media room, and someone will come replace your lightbulbs if they burn out or you! Really, that is on their list. So the greatest amenity here is going to be that outdoor space, which is exclusive to these residences and can be seen in the above rendering.

These are some pretty basic condos for such a historic project, so the little guy wins here: we can all enjoy the more public space that the main building offers, even if it's just to sip what will likely be a $20 cocktail.