Yesterday, the much-ballyhooed gathering to demand that CBS fire talk show host David Letterman after his questionable jokes about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's daughter (namely how A-Rod impregnated her by the 7th inning of a Yankees game and how Eliot Spitzer should be kept at bay) drew a few dozen protesters outside the Ed Sullivan Theater. Estimates are as high as 50 and as low as 15. But there was a lot of passion: Josephine Sarnok, carrying a "Over the Line, Dave" sign told Entertainment Weekly, “I’m outraged. It was a low blow. I’m insulted for women. I’m insulted for children. I’m insulted for families. I’m insulted."

Protester Robert Gretczko told MTV News that Letterman's apology—and Palin's acceptance of it—"doesn't matter. Don Imus was still fired for his comments." But then one bystander told EW, "[Palin] should be thankful that Dave or anybody said anything about her to keep her name in the papers.... I think she should keep her mouth shut, go back to Alaska, and maybe take a few of the Republicans that are here back with her."

Some videos of the protest after the jump. And Letterman poked fun at the protest, by way of a Top Ten List of Things Overheard at the Protest: "7. What idiot turned Broadway into a pedestrian mall?

From Daily Intel, who found that Letterman "rapes children with his mouth":

From Fox News: