Last night Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute) hosted SNL with Arcade Fire as the musical guest (if there was ever a night to wait in line for tickets...). The two converged in the Digital Short, which took place office - one of the (few) funny sketches of the night.

During the first song, "Intervention", Win Butler strummed a guitar that donned a Haitian proverb written in tape. It said: "Sak vid pa kanpe", which translates to "An empty sack can not stand" - which is used to describe the children struggling to survive in a country of mass starvation (Butler's wife, an Arcade Fire member, Regine Chassagne, was born in Haiti).

The very 3-dimensional band sounded pretty full and came across better than expected on 2-dimensional platform. They were quick to leave the stage during the outro and left it looking very empty (though we hear they went back and played three more songs). Here's the (already on YouTube) clip of "Intervention":

Watch the second song of the night, "Keep the Car Running", here. And check out a behind the scenes clip of Jorm (SNL writer) dancing to Arcade front of Arcade Fire (and Rainn).