Fiona Apple

recently threw herself back into the public eye, and after rave reviews of her live shows, she received her first real bit of bad press after being arrested for hash possession. Once that incident faded to the background, certain gossip mongers began to critique the performer's looks. Naturally, Perez Hilton is the leader of this pack, recently even resorting to asking "experts" about her weight. Well, Apple is punching back.

At her show in Clearwater, Florida over the weekend, she told the audience:

"I have so much that I would like to respond to about the millions and millions of articles that I have shamefully… I've given away my computer now, because I cannot do it anymore. But Perez Hilton... to hire 'experts' to comment and say that I am sick is totally, totally irresponsible, and dangerous, and you should know better, and so should everybody who's talking about me like that. And I'm not on any drugs. I had some bourbon before I came out here. I've always been honest—why would I be dishonest about anything?

Perez Hilton, TMZ, whoever you represent: I'm not invulnerable to this stuff. I've been around for many years, but it hurts. I didn't need to hear that I'm 90 years old just because I didn't have a facelift in the last seven years. I'm fucking losing weight because I'm having trouble digesting food because your guts are connected to your brain and I have a lot of stress in my brain.

So lay off with that stuff because it hurts my feelings. If for no other reason, that should be a good enough reason. Stop hurting people's feelings, stop bullying people because you were bullied. I know that that's not what you are. It can't be. Please stop hurting my feelings, because it really fucking bothers me. Seriously. Please stop. It doesn't matter what I look like!"

[via Pitchfork]