With the end of Sex and the City tonight, we can welcome the end of thousands of articles spectulating what kind of impact the show had on our lives (Men will drink pink drinks!) and fashion and New York. Don't get us wrong - Gothamist has enjoyed Sex and the City ever since the first time we saw the bus splash Sarah Jessica Parker in her crazy pink outfit during the opening credits. But we just want to move until. Until tomorrow, when we'll spend the rest of our waking moments asking "Why the Russian!" or "Why Big!" (don't tell us you didn't notice Chris Noth's impersonation of baggy-eyed Mario Cuomo in last week's episode - thanks, KB) or "Why that ending!" to anyone who will stop. That is, until the SATC movie.

Until our thoughts about the finale (to be posted tomorrow), here are some recent "THE END OF SEX" articles we've come across:

- The Times asks two writers to debate Carrie Bradshaw's Russian vs. Big question and more
- James Sanders on the presence of New York on the show
- The cast was tearful when the show taped its final scenes
- low culture's Matt Haber questions if the show has cannibalized its premise
- NY Daily News exclusive, Kim Catrall on the show
- Zap2It on the end of the show
- Stephanie Zacharek's warm salute to Kristin Davis's portrayal of Charlotte York Goldenblatt
- Google News search of "Sex and the City" articles