2006_04_arts_fotp.jpgFinger on the Pulse is a deejay collective comprised of Darin Bresnitz, Greg Bresnitz and Peter Lauricella (two of them are twins)...but when they're behind the decks please call them Terry Diabolik, Never Forget and Balls Deep (respectively). Together the trio spins a mixture of tunes you aren't likely going to hear at any other dance party, and when these guys are together...there usually is a dance party. Currently residing at the Lucky Cat in Brooklyn for their Friday night parties the collective has recently been guest deejaying on the other side of the bridge as well, at parties like Rated X.

On par with their deejay skills is their ability to plan a party in approximately 12 minutes. Give them a piece of string and a blade of grass and they'll create a bash you won't soon recover from (the MacGyver's of party planners, if you will). Just this past week they created an Afterparty for the band Voxrot out of practically nothing, check out the pictures here. Now, sit back, crack open a Sparks and learn a little bit about the boys behind the (deejay)booth...

You run a weekly party at Lucky Cat in Brooklyn...what can one expect at one of these parties?
TD: Lots of people making out. Seriously, there is non stop necking and dancing.
NF: There are usually three things: drinking dancing and making out

Where did you come up with the name Finger on the Pulse?
TD: DJ Never Forget
NF: When Never Forget was living in Oregon, he tried to throw an all indie dance party. Party needed name so I took it from the Bloc Party song, Like Eating Glass, which i was listening to on repeat. It represents our love for new music and finding the best songs. The party failed, but i love d the name, so when I moved out here i asked if we could call our party that. BD and TD didn't give a fuck so it stuck.

What do you each bring to the (turn)table?
TD: Some hot soul jams and garage. Lots of fist pumping and a variation of three dance moves.
NF: Never Forget: dance punk, remixes, guilty 90s pleasures, new music.

Will you, in fact, play the hits for money?
TD: No. I have gone on record about this. Next question!
BD: Only for Brunnnskiis

At least two of you have a very unique fist pumping dance move...when/how was this created?
TD: Back in college I used to do this move called the punching bag. It was a double fist pump over my head. Now that I have grown up it has been reformed to a single pump fist at chest level. Think of it like this: pogoing is to the Sex Pistols as fist pumping is to Finger on the Pulse.
NF: When i was in high school i used to have this swirling finger move
that i did over my head when i listend to ska. as i got lazy i moved it down to my side and closed the fist.

What is the earliest hour in which you've cracked open your first Sparks of the day/night?
TD: Noon / 3am
NF: Does Drinking a sparks at 5 am count?

If you could put on a party anywhere in this city, where would it be, and what could we expect?
TD: Rooftop in Brooklyn, spring time. Expect lots of kegs and whiskey. Then, with the sun rising, expect me to make all of you pancakes with a reduced Sparks syrup.
NF: I want to do a huge Williamsburg rooftop party in August. There would be music till the sun came up, sparks showers and half clothes people everywhere.
BD: Chloe Sevigny's loft. Panties bunched. Briefs unfurled. Milk spilling.

We're going to out you as being pretty recent city dwellers...what does NYC offer you that, say, Oregon and Texas did not?
TD: Joey Arak
NF: Eugene, OR blows it out pretty fucking well. The parties usually last til the sun comes up there, so I had no real complaints. NYC offers less kids who dance.
BD: Balls Eeep is NY all the way.

Word association time. Please give your immediate reaction to the following:

Andrew Andrew
TD: Andrew Andrew is to twins as Blackface Jesus is to black people.
NF: fucking fucking lame lame
BD: Bell from Erasure

TD: What's up with that line?
NF: Will play the hits for money
BD: Dancing at The Ghetto, London

TD: Some of my best friend's friends write blogs.
NF: Best place to find uncessary remixes (Amerie vs The Killers).

TD: Would be perfect except it doesn't have migas.
NF: Like a graveyard in the winter.
BD: is drunk.

iPod deejaying
TD: No problem
NF: Ben Lashes
BD: Sounds dangerous

Finally, after the previous deejay was killing the vibe - you are thrown on the decks at a warehouse party in Bushwick, unprepared. Each of you name the first 5 songs you'd play:
TD: Wilson picket - Land of a Thousand Dances
Mitch Ryder - Sock it
The Boots - Alexander
Cato Salsa Experience - I Got Soul
The Raveonettes - Attack of the Ghost Rider

NF: Madonna - Let It Will be
Hot Chip - Over and Over
Kylie - Love at First Sight
Cansei De Ser Sexy - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above
Heavy D and the Boyz - Now That We Found Love

BD: Gwen Guthrie - Ain't Nothin' Going On But The Rent
Adina Howard - Freak Like Me
LL Cool J - Loungin' ft/ Total
Rebbie Jackson - Centipede
Prince - Controversy

Finger on the Pulse will be at the Lucky Cat this Friday, as usual, for a more over the top event. Details:

American Apparel is throwing a party featuring their local models and employees wearing American Apparel’s new 2006 Spring Fashion Line. Finger on the Pulse is flying in the Seattle Weekly 2005 DJ of the Year to celebrate the occasion. They will be passing out the new Sparks+ throughout the night.
This Friday @ The Lucky Cat [245 Grand St, Brooklyn]

In two weeks they'll be sharing their booth with the Rebel DJ's from San Francisco.