David Combs

Gothamist did an interview with the Associated Press about local blogs (which has turned up in a couple newspapers and websites). Since the AP decided to run a photograph with the story, we met up with AP photojournalist Bebeto Matthews in Midtown, near Rockefeller Center. After learning that Gothamist likes to blog about most anything we find interesting (and in order to avoid looking too posed), Matthews suggested taking a picture with David Combs, an artist who paints different city landmarks every day. His paintings show the buildings or areas in a warped/fisheye perspective, in order to get the entire structure in the painting, noting Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher as influences as well. And when we asked where he was from, Combs said he was visiting from San Antonio a few years ago but never left the city, which is a not uncommon "how I wound up in NYC story," we think. So, thanks to Bebeto Matthews suggesting we chat with David Combs.

Bebeto Matthews and David Combs