Photos by Wally G

One hundred and sixty years ago to this day, Herman Melville's masterpiece Moby Dick was published by NYC publisher Harper and Brothers, but wasn't immediately embraced by everyone, receiving mixed reviews. If you're a fan, you can celebrate its anniversary by visiting Melville's birthplace, right here in New York. The author was born in 1819 to a well-off importer named Allan, and his wife Maria Gansevoort Melville, in a boarding house at 6 Pearl Street. The spot is now marked with a plaque and bust, but can be difficult to find. No worries, Inside the Apple is here to help.

The tour guides say that it's "tucked away in the plaza behind 17 State Street. If you are on State Street, cut through between 17 State and the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, and you'll see Melville's bust on the far wall."

Or you can always just re-read the book—in fact, the NY Times recently published a "How To" on reading the 135 chapters.