200710notorious%20big.jpgOver ten years after his death, Fox Searchlight studios are looking for the someone who can fill Notorious B.I.G.'s big shoes in a movie about the rapper. This past Saturday the nationwide search focused in on New York, where a few dozen look-a-likes lined up for their shot to play Biggie on the big screen.

The requirements and a message from the producer are on the casting site, obviously one must meet the appearance test first. When the rapper (real name Christopher Wallace) died he was 24, 6' 3" and weighed about 300 pounds. Even meeting the physical requirements isn't a shoe-in for the role, however. Since Biggie grew up there, many Brooklynites are claiming they are the only ones who can really portray him accurately. One told the Daily News: "I've got the swagger. I've lived the life. I know what he went through and I think it would be all natural [for me to play him]." The Times also has some photos of the faux-Biggies.

Whoever gets cast will have to learn all of the pseudonyms the rapper went by, one of which was Frank White (taken from the lead character in King of New York). Recently (on October 5th) a new cafe/gallery called Frank White opened in Brooklyn, and features a photo of Biggie to honor his memory. ClintonHillBlog has some more info on the new social space, as well an interior shot (that's some nice wallpaper). Frank White is located at 936 Atlantic Ave at St. James Place, and CHB notes that this is just down the street from where the famed rapper grew up.