Peach PlushGothamist saw Finding Nemo this weekend, and while it was cute/sweet/nice, we were more affected by the previews. Basically because the previews of children's movies were stultifyingly awful (except for Will Ferrell in Elf: Physical comedy, Will Ferrell dressed as an Elf, how can you go wrong?) - it was almost enough to make us vow never to have children. Example, Brother Bear, which was dripping with treacle and messages. Also, if Disney thinks that having a movie with songs by Phil Collins is a draw, then Gothamist understands why the company has been so troubled lately. We wonder, do people, when they turn into parents, lose their taste?

Slate's Chris Sullentrop analyzes Pixar's current strengths with Disney's weaknesses. We went to the McDonald's website to learn more about the Finding Nemo Happy Meal (hey, Pixar can make sea creatures very cute and Jen is partial to cute bizarre things), and thought the McDonald's "disclaimer" of "Hey, Kids, This Is Advertising" is ridiculous and amazing.