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After a brand new release, Wingit is better than ever. Previously the go-to for finding cool events in your area right now, it's been made into an all-in-one: scan your feed for an event that catches your eye, book tickets or RSVP right in the app, and then—maybe the best part—book an Uber right there, too. No more juggling three or more apps when all you want to do is get out the door and have fun!

By scanning your area for stuff to do at any moment, Wingit brings you awesome stuff near you that you can do at a moment's notice. Plus, you can create your own event, post it to your timeline, and invite your friends. Use it to find parties, deals, openings, you name it.

The design is sleek and easy to use while the app itself is responsive and brings back things you'll really want to do. Recently we tested it out around Greenpoint, making it to a Spring Market in a repurposed warehouse on West Street before heading to a beer tasting at growler joint Brouwerij Lane down Greenpoint Ave. After a few drinks, not ready to part ways, we took a look at the Wingit timeline and saw a DJ announcement at a club in Williamsburg. We just called up an Uber, hopped in, and the night got started.

Wingit launched here in New York in 2012, since spreading to Paris, London and Tel Aviv with plans to roll out to 50+ cities (including 25 in the US) by the end of 2015. Download Wingit for iOS or Android, and make sure to follow @Wingit_App for more updates. Book your Uber through the Wingit app an get $15 off your first ride!