Hey, lady Derek Jeter fans, have you been wondering what kind of shoes to wear when you douse yourself with Yankees perfume? Then perhaps these 5 1/4" suede high heels from Herstar will fit the bill!

The shoe company, apparently going for "The Real Housewives Of The South Bronx" demographic, says these shoes are ONLY available through pre-order: "PLEASE BE CERTAIN YOU WANT THESE SHOES BEFORE YOU BUY. Due to demand, these shoes are currently available by Pre-Order ONLY. You should expect to wait a minimum of 8 weeks. On occasion this time can me shorter or longer. We have no control over these time frames as they are set by the manufacturer. Once you complete payment you cannot be refunded, your payment goes directly to the manufacturer to fund production. If you insist on a refund you will have to pay a 30% processing fee to cover the manufacturer's costs. PLEASE only purchase if you are prepared to wait for this seasons hottest sports item. We want only to satisfy our customers." Also it is not guaranteed that wearing these shoes will get onto the express lane to the Derek Jeter parting basket.

Herstar also offers these $99 pumps in colors for Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants and Tampa Bay Rays. SFist asked one style expert about the Giants version, "I read recently that SF Giants fans are more likely than Oakland As fans to also be fans of Snooki. I thought that was weird, but now I believe it!"