If you've spent your life wondering what it's like to be personally rocked to sleep by the pillow-topped hand of God himself, there is good news: A $175,000 bed will be available for purchase in New York this week, thanks to British bed makers Savoir.

The bed, called, fittingly, The Royal Bed, will be available beginning tomorrow at the at the Swiss Institute in Soho. "If I have $175K, can't I afford to ship a bed here from Britain?" you ask. Please, we say. No tough questions near the Royal Bed .

A press release gives us the following vital stats:

  • Requires more than 700 hours of labor
  • Features curled Latin American horse tail, Mongolian cashmere and enough specially woven silk to be strung from New York to Miami and almost halfway back again.
  • Is a limited edition - In keeping with its royal theme, Savoir will make only 60 Royal Beds in honor of the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation.
  • Is available with your family crest, initials or favorite emblem embroidered into the mattress (the work is done by the Royal School of Needlework, which had a significant role in making Duchess Kate's wedding dress)

Mongolian cashmere? Curled American horsehair!? As not terribly appealing as any of this sounds, we must take issue with Sav-wa's assertion that this bed is, in fact, the priciest. The $1.2 million magnetic floating bed will win handily in any fight, bedding-related or not.