In an effort to curb the recent spate of people tumbling into the subway tracks, TWU Local 100 has produced a catchy video in a language The Youths might better understand: Rap music.

Set to the beat of Terror Squad's "Lean Back," we see the union's Noah Rodriguez warning straphangers of the perils of standing too close to the tracks, chanting, repeatedly, to "stand back." There are no scantily clad women, but there is a Grim Reaper wearing a reflective MTA vest, which is probably more appropriate if not as effective.

If the world suffered from a dearth of subway-themed videos, it sure doesn't anymore. The Riders Alliance recently produced its own short film parodying the G train, remarking on its difficulties as a reliable transit option by extolling its virtues as a workout regimen.

Are catchy videos really the best way to affect change? Of course. You certainly never smoked weed after watching this, right?