This is the most amazing analysis of a G.I. Joe episode I have ever seen: Dixie Flatline: G.I. Joe... "This scene leads me to a sensitive issue, a question that has weighed on my mind for many years. Cobra Commander has certain personality traits that indicate he may be, how might I put this gently, a confirmed bachelor. A little light in his blue-leather jackboots. He speaks in a rather lisping fashion, although that may be explained by his seemingly being part snake. But he's also rather mincing, especially for the megalomaniac leader of the world's premier terrorist organization. And the way he pouts when Serpentor shows him up in that fabulous gold lame cape and glittering chariot? Of course, I realize that we are discussing broad stereotypes, but this was a children's show. If you want to communicate to an eight-year-old that he shouldn’t get into a van with Cobra Commander, you can't be subtle."