Photo by Jen Carlson/Gothamist

Don't have plans for Wednesday night? Head over to Williamsburg for the... Community Board 1 Combined Public Hearing & Board Meeting! If you want to be able to attend more concerts on the Williamsburg Waterfront in the future, or if you want those damn kids off your lawn, then this is the place to be. Following one local's outrage over nitrous-huffing Widespread Panic fans who infiltrated her street, the Open Space Alliance will be addressing the waterfront concerts tomorrow.

According to Miss Heather, "among the manifold number of provocative items on the agenda for tomorrow’s convocation is a presentation by the Open Space Alliance’s Executive Director (and New York City public servant/Parks Czar for the totality of Community Board 1. Don’t forget that our tax dollars are largely footing the bill for her salary, folks!): Stephanie Thayer. Which hat will she wear tomorrow? Show up and find out! My advice is as follows: B.Y.O.N.O. Bring Your Own Nitrous Oxide!"

Our own poll showed that more people than not support the concerts—with 516 voting to keep the shows going, and only 52 voting against them. If you want to take an official stance, the meeting tomorrow night will all be taking place at the early bird hour of 6:15 p.m., and as such, will fittingly be held at the Swinging 60′s Seniors Center (211 Ainslie Street).