FifteenBritish wunderkind chef Jamie Oliver started a restaurant called Fifteen. A non-profit restaurant, Oliver's goal was to take 15 untrained and unemployed young Londoners to help run the restaurant. Some were delinquents, another a single mom. The end result can be seen on Jamie's Kitchen, which airs tonight and every day this week at 10PM on the Food Network.

The restaurant raises money for Cheeky Chops, a charity Oliver formed, to help "unemployed young people by offering them a leg-up into the world of catering." Oliver's own lack of formal training and admission he's "not the brightest banana in the bunch" also played a role into his decision to try to create a first class restaurant with a bunch of novices. Oliver might be annoying as a TV personality, but this idea is pukka at heart. And Fifteen was even well-received by critics.

The Daily News looks at the Jamie's Kitchen; Oliver says, after mortgaging his home to help raise money for Fifteen's investment, "I've made ridiculously large amounts of money for a chef. The most real thing I've done is work with these kids. That's the thing that helps me sleep at night and keeps me grounded."

Fifteen is also the name of a Nickelodeon show from the 90s about life at age 15.