Everyone is into fidget spinners: NYC school kids, who are driving their teachers crazy; Barron Trump, who was spotted spinning while leaving Air Force One; and Kim Kardashian, who just created her own "Daddy Money" fidget spinner for fans. As the thirst for these gadgets has grown, the factories that help manufacture them are reportedly deciding to exploit the situation because why not.

"The ball-bearing weights that cause the spinners to move are in short supply — and some charge that Asian manufacturers are hoarding them and asking for much higher prices than the roughly 25 cents apiece they used to charge," the Post reports.

Portland, Ore.-based Zing, which sells two kinds of spinners called Spinzipz and Spinbladez, has been forced to bring “bags of cash” to some factories in China just to make sure its orders are confirmed, Zing vice president Josh Loerzel told The Post.

“The factories are asking for cash up front, and the price varies daily — anywhere from 50 percent to 200 percent more,” said Loerzel, whose firm supplies big retailers like Target, Walmart and Toys R Us.

Loerzel said his company is hoarding their own stash now.

On Friday, German authorities announced they were going to be crushing 35 tons of fidget spinners from China because, in part, they "found that bits could fall off and pose possible choking hazards for small children."

In sobering news to fidget spinner sellers, FiveThirthyEight claims that fidget spinners are so over, based on YouTube, news and Internet searches for the item: "Google web search interest peaked in early May — presumably with the first batch of people wondering why on earth their child had come home from school with a PVC throwing star — with maximum interest in the U.S. on May 6, according to Google Trends. Then the fad made its way to internet news consumers over the next week; May 18 was the high-water mark for fidget spinner news searches."

On the other hand, there are now fidget spinners where you can program LED messages onto them and probably give someone a stroke:

There's also a special, "For idiots who like to have items seized during TSA checks" fidget spinner now:

Oh, and finally NASA may send fidget spinners into space, presumably because no one who works there can find their old Pog collection.