phpyXWUKXAM.jpgAlec Baldwin just can't keep his mouth shut, not when it comes to his daughter, or the Upper West Side...or his meal ticket. Star reports, "During a recent photo shoot on the set, the notoriously difficult actor sniped to the photographer, 'Get ready to do a lot of airbrushing.' Tina, who has a childhood scar on her left cheek, fired back, 'Something wrong with my face?' Alec upped the ante by saying it's her entire body that's the problem." A verbal spar with Tina Fey? Oh, Alec. She shot back saying "this was coming from a guy with a double chin who thinks Sarah Palin is hot," which allegedly had Baldwin fuming. Those close to the feud think that Fey, creator and star of 30 Rock, is finally gaining some confidence and beginning to call her co-worker out on things, though Gawker suspects the feud was created to drum up publicity for the show. Hmm, where's Oprah? Or that 12-year-old girl Pam? UPDATE: OK! Magazine disputes Star's rumor: "Alas, show insiders tell OK! that this is all just a mean-spirited dream. Not only was there no catfight during the photoshoot — there hasn't even been a photoshoot in months!" An insider adds, "There was no recent photo shoot with the two of them on set. The last shoot was back in October for TV Guide and nothing like what's being described in that story happened."