As Big Bad NYU embarks on plans to take over Greenwich Village with their titanic 2031 expansion plan, at least one brave soul has stepped in to save the day, and it's...Bueller? Bueller?

Yesterday, City Council held a series of small panel hearings to gauge reactions to the evermore ubiquitous university's proposal to add nearly two million square feet of dorms, classrooms and other facilities to its campus in the area, a plan that has garnered quite a bit of controversy in the area. And Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Producers star Matthew Broderick, who grew up in the Village and now lives on Charles Street with wife Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker, was on hand to offer his opinion on the expansion.

"They might need to expand, but they certainly don't need to destroy the Village," Broderick reportedly told reporters at the hearing. "I've watched so much of it disappear, so many small, nice, beautiful buildings being knocked over for huge dorms...I think it's gone too far, and it's really hurting the Village."

Broderick's testimony, which took place in front of hundreds of NYU faculty members and area residents in addition to members of the Council's subcommittee on zoning and franchises, garnered mixed reactions from the audience. Mitchell L. Moss, a professor of urban planning at NYU who spoke as a member of the hearing panel (Moss supports NYU's expansion), mocked Broderick's quasi-star power, "This is not the pristine Village of Sarah Jessica Parker, of 'Sex and the City,' of Matthew Broderick." However, one woman in the audience fist-pumped Broderick and told him to "give them hell" on his way up to testify.

His testimony centered primarily on his childhood in the Village, focusing on how important open spaces like parks and basketball courts had been to him while growing up. Many of those places, he said, had either been eradicated to make room for NYU buildings, or would be if the new expansion plan were to come into fruition. "It's not that I don't like change—some changes are good," he said. "But some have been heartbreaking."

Meanwhile, university president John Sexton said the expansion was necessary in order to "give students more value for what they're putting in." Undergraduate tuition clocks in at about $50,000 each academic school year, so we can only anticipate these future NYU dorms will feature jacuzzi bathtubs built with the crushed bones of former Village residents.