While reading the feature about feral cats in the city, Gothamist started to have visions (frightening ones, at that) of a cat version of The Warriors or Gangs of New York. One particularly vivid description:

Ferals have formed a little outlaw civilization in Riverside Park, just south of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument. Every morning before dawn, while most humans in the neighborhood are still asleep, the dozen animals that comprise this pack emerge from the park and line up on the stone wall along Riverside Drive in anticipation of the arrival of their prime benefactor, a local doorman who feeds them wet food before his morning shift.

One thing we're curious about: Why can't we put some cats in the subways, to go after rats? While feral cats are kind of scary, the TImes notes "For a time, volunteers had to approach a vicious cat they called Dick with bulletproof gloves, though now, after liberal doses of mackerel and laxatives, he is extremely friendly." Gothamist would like to take the time to say we will now make sure we have mackarel and laxatives handy to tame not just feral cats but any strangers we encounter. After all, it worked with Jake.

The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals tries to deal with the stray and feral cat problem. And in other cat news, an ocicat named Moirai Wedjat won the Cat Show held at Madison Square Garden.