2006_08_boriscat.jpgA while back, we noted how many of the NY Times "Hunt" columns by Joyce Cohen happened to feature real estate hunts by cat owners. And one of the stories we loved was the one about a Brooklynite who needed a subletter to not only take care of her apartment, but her cat Boris as well. Cohen, who blogs at Hunt Grunt, let us know that two years after the column appeared, Boris may have developed a bit of a star-complex - though owner Nicole might have indulged that by creating some short films about him. And if you're interesting in a homemade cat toy that Cohen made, she is offering it to the person who writes the best poem - more details here.

And Gothamist continues to be obsessed with BARC Shelter's blog about rescue kitty Cecil, Rescued in Brooklyn. Cecil was born with only partially formed eyelids, and he recently moved to BARC's Cat Loft to be with other cats. Check out this video of Cecil with his toy monkey!