2006_10_arts_nightmare.jpgThe borders between Christmastown and Halloweentown are getting a bit thin again, as Disney has rereleased Tim Burton's animated classic The Nightmare Before Christmas in Digital 3-D for All Hallows Eve. Ordinarily this kind of rerelease might seem like a mere marketing ploy, but don't let your jaded side get the better of you, seeing certain movies in 3-D format is actually pretty sweet. Earlier this year Sony released Monster House this way, and sporting those Buddy Holly-esque free plastic glasses during a matinee was a blast.

The theaters in the area offering this format include the Regal Union Square, the AMC Loews on Broadway at 84th Street and the Pavilion Cinema on Prospect Park West in Brooklyn. It's worth checking out, even though at $13 bucks the ticket prices are a bit steep for a flick.

What are your other fave movies to see on Halloween?