Whether or not you believe the police who say Amanda Bynes had a bong or Bynes herself who says she has "never had a bong in her life," you'll feel downright queasy after seeing this video. Hounded by paparazzi, Bynes was simply trying to enter her apartment building through the parking garage. But one photographer repeatedly invades her personal space by reaching over and removing the scarf from her head, and Bynes feels the need to retaliate with a racially-tinged remark.

TMZ reports:

Bynes covered her face and head with a scarf and some idiot photographer -- NOT ONE OF OURS -- continually kept trying to pull it off her head.

After first telling the guy "You can't touch me" several times, Amanda shot back, "Is it the ugly black one? Oh, there's another ugly black man."

When the photog tries to call her out for the racial remark, she responds, "It's just your face. It's not a black thing ... There's an ugly white one. It's not racist."

Paparazzi photographers can be very aggressive—Alec Baldwin accused one Post shooter of shoving him (the Post photographer, in turn, accused Baldwin of racism).


Bynes has also accused the NYPD of sexually harassing her and slapping her vagina during the Thursday night arrest.