Yesterday, the Post had a story about woman being ticketed for "littering" when she was just feeding some birds birdseed. Yvette Bavier was at West 125th Street and Hancock Place when the police questioned her. After she replied that she was, you know, feeding the birds, it gets crazy:

Bavier claims the cops, both women, put her through a 20-minute ordeal while they searched through a manual trying to find a suitable rap to fit her aviary affront.

"It took them so long," recalled Bavier, who also feeds birds near her home off Central Park West. "They were looking up things. I don't think they knew what to write."

And then after giving her the ticket, the cops told her could probably fight the ticket in court and get it dismissed! And they say there's no such thing as ticket quotas, eh?

The NYPD told the Post that another resident complained about someone "attracting and endangering pigeons by feeding them raw rice." But did the cops check to see if Bavier's birdseed contained raw rice? We hope Bavier goes to court with a bag of birdseed.

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Photograph of bird on a chain by rockity_roll on Filckr