2004_11_fearfactor.jpgGothamist would like to say that we're above TV's November sweeps stunts, but then who would we be kidding? We're excited and really disgusted by the 100th episode of Fear Factor because it's a special New York City edition of the show. From the hyperbolic NBC press release:

The landmark 100th episode of this hit reality series starts spreading the fear with a road trip to America's most fearless metropolis: New York City. Taped on location in and around Manhattan, the milestone episode features challenges such as a flag grab from the bottom of the Roosevelt Island tram as it traverses the East River; a "rat stew" served up in the middle of Times Square; and an aerial stunt suspended below two helicopters near the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. Joe Rogan hosts this series in which all stunts take place under the supervision of professional Hollywood stunt coordinators.

We have to admit, it's freaking brilliant. Making people who want to be famous AND money eat rat guts.

And when the NY Times wrote about the filming of this episode in July, including some suggestions from the Department of Sanitation of other Fear Factor challenges, we asked our readers for suggestions of other challenges. Some of our favorites:
- "hanging off a bridge at 4 am with a 5 cans of krylon silver and 2 cans of black, putting up a blockbuster after smoking a pcp laced blunt, then getting chased by cops through a subway tunnel. wait, that was high school."
- "For a bunch of my friends being without a cellphone for a day is scarier than dying."
- "Have all the crucial instructions for staying alive during the stunts be delivered by MTA employees over the subway announcement system."

Fear Factor is on tonight at 8PM.