2005_03_scarynyers.jpgThe New York Press, which recently lost its editor, Jeff Koyen, after a cover story entitled "The 52 Funniest Things About the Upcoming Death of the Pope" unsurprisingly pissed a lot of people off, has come out with its annual hatefest issue: The 50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers. Making the list this year were the usual targets (politicians, editors, celebrities, etc..), with Mayor Mike taking top honors as most loathsome for "bringing the Republican National Convention to town and the mini-police state inspired by it" (among other offenses). Mayoral hopefuls Gifford Miller and Anthony Weiner also made the cut.

Gothamist certainly finds many of the people on the list objectionable, but most of them are so regularly dissed in the media anyway that seeing them dressed down by the Press doesn't afford much schadenfreud-ic pleasure. As well, if the alt-weekly feels compelled to go negative like this once a year, shouldn't it at least do a compendium "Least Loathsome" list? Surely, there are 50 New Yorkers who are smart and elegant and good-hearted enough doing their jobs and making the city better to counterbalance the perceived vulgarity, meanness and greed of the people on the list. If the Press can't find 50 people worth honoring in this way, Gothamist would be happy to suggest a few.

Who are some of your nominations for most and least loathsome New Yorkers? And Gawker's singled out some notable people on the list.