Successful Jeopardy contestant Brian Levinson and his circus clown friend Eric Broomfield were rescued from their burning Queens apartment by the FDNY early Saturday morning. 33-year-old Levinson, who won $73K in prize money from Jeopardy in 2008 and has appeared on the game show Cash Cab, retained burns to 12% of his body, including his face, head, and arms. Firefighters helped Levinson out of the building, while Broomfield had to be carried out. "I found him in the bathroom," Ladder 163 Captain Jim Hay tells the Daily News, "It was heavy smoke condition. He couldn't get past the fire."

Levinson, a Yale graduate and host of trivia night at Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg who imitated Sean Connery while on Jeopardy, "woke up in the middle of the night, and the apartment was on fire," according to a friend who spoke with him by phone. "He just woke up, and there was smoke everywhere." Another friend calls Levinson "the smartest guy I know… He can remember the most obscure and arcane details."

Authorities are still investigating the blaze in the Woodside apartment, which began around 4 a.m., lasted for 40 minutes and was so hot "they had to break down the door." Broomfield, who goes by "Jellyboy The Clown," was in town for an event. You can watch a clip of Levinson on Jeopardy below, and see how his impersonation stacks up to the original SNL appearance of "Sean Connery."