2007_03_randpizza.jpgAs if the news about the massive pet food recall after pets have become ill and even died couldn't get any worse, it has. It turns out that Menu Foods actually fed 40-50 cats and dogs, resulting in seven animals dying - and still waited weeks to recall the food!

The FDA says that the Canadian manufacturer, who produces food for a number of brands from Iams, Science Dietand Eukanuba to store-labels for Wal-Mart and Winn-Dixie, had received complaints about their products and started testing their "cuts and gravy" style foods in February. The FDA's director of the Center for Veterinary Medicine says the problems coincide with Menu Foods using a wheat gluten protein from a new supplier, who has since been replaced, but Menu Foods continues to say they do not know what's causing the problems.

The situation has pet owners angry and upset. One Massachusetts who fed her cat Iams after a vet visit, only for her cat to become so ill that it needed to be euthanized, told the NY Times, “We are angry. We thought we were doing a better thing for our cat, improving her food. You trust these companies that have these reputations, and you expect them not to poison your animals with the food they sell.” And one Brooklyn pet owner told the Daily News, "Of course I plan to sue, and I'm sure everyone else in America is, too. This is just unacceptable."

Our worry: That this is the tip of the iceberg and other foods will be added to the already very long recall list. Pet Connection has been a good resource, as has Howl 911 for more information.