After HBO admitted it was the victim of a cyber attack, the hackers apparently posted their illegal bounty on a website called WinterLeak.

According to HackRead, "The uploaded data includes... episode 3 and 4 of popular TV series Games of Thrones and its script, episode 1, 2 and 3 of Ballers’s season 3, Episode 1 and 2 of upcoming comedy series Barry, unreleased Episode 2 and 3 of Room 104 TV series, episode 2 of Season 2 of TV series Insecure." Redditors have been discussing the materials, with one noting, "FYI, this is not a full [GoT] script. It is an outline dated from April 2016. So it doesn't have much specific dialogue, just summaries." (Here's a link to Reddit, which includes SPOILERS.)

The FBI is now investigating along with cybersecurity firm Mandiant, and the Hollywood Reporter points out that the hack of 1.5 terabyte is seven times the size of the Sony hack:

The attack was sophisticated... targeting specific content and data housed in different locations, suggesting multiple points of entry. Even more chilling, there was no ransom demand, say sources, leaving the motive in question and raising the specter that video footage, internal documents or even email correspondence could be leaked...

...One insider calls it "nefarious" because it was targeted to specific content and data (as with Sony) and not simply a trawling sweep (as was the case with the Orange Is the New Black heist).

Erik Rasmussen, a former federal prosecutor and Secret Service agent, told the Hollywood Reporter, "At 1.5 terabytes, it could be a whole block of TV, or worse, it could be emails, financial documents, employee or customer information."

Ajay Arora, of security firm Vera, told the outlet that it's very likely video was stolen, explaining, "The entire Library of Congress is estimated to contain 10 terabytes of print content. As such, it's hard to believe that video and/or audio are not part of what was stolen. It will be interesting — and terrifying to HBO and their parent, Time Warner — to see what comes out."