What should happen with the 1964-65 World's Fair towers? It's a question that's been posed for many years now, and still has no definitive answer. Today the Daily News reports that the city will conduct a $300,000 study next year on the "below-grade parts of its elliptical rotunda and its spaceship-like towers."

If things aren't looking good, it's possible that parts could be demolished. The project will start in March, and the paper reports that the the results are particularly crucial to the fate of the towers. One preservationist (who has been working on saving the Texaco map) says, "No one piece can stand alone, but the towers are the most—dare I say—iconic. If you lost them, it would seriously compromise the integrity of the structure."

A similar study focused in on the Tent of Tomorrow last year, when we found out that it would cost a minimum of $20MM to preserve it, and "just" $9MM to demolish it.