The best lines from the Post story about people going bananas for the Stella McCartney line at H&M:

- "Back off my dress, bitch!"
- "I couldn't believe it when that poor woman fell in the middle of the floor and nobody cared. People just stepped over her. It's crazy."
- One woman fell during the feeding frenzy, and shoppers just stepped over her. Another was crying. One petite lady stood on top of a chair so she could grab at a silk shirt that was too high, while throwing the rest of the batch down to her friends. A group of moms even brought a stroller along just to pile clothes in it.

Gothamist only wishes that Stella or whichever high fashion designer H&M selects next (Nicholas Ghesquiere? Roland Mouret? Alexander McQueen?) do a Crazy Eddie style commercial, ending with "...and the prices are INSANE!"

There's a funny cameraphone picture of the scene at Papermag's blog. The NY Times on the Stella for H&M line. H&M says that some pieces will be available for online shopping on Sunday, November 13. And Gothamist must admit, we covet the Stella McCartney for adidas line, but can't bring ourselves to pay $300 for a running fleece, no matter how asymmetrically the zipper is placed.